2016 Summer Bucket List

camp tent under stars

Summer is finally here! Don’t let it slip away without completing your summer bucket list. Here are some ideas to make your fun-packed carefree summer bucket list:

1. Go to the beach!

happy dogs at beach

If you don’t go to the beach at least once this summer, then you’re doing it all wrong!! Taking a surfing lesson, play a game of beach volleyball with strangers, go paddle boarding, build a sand castle, collect sea shells, or bring a book!

2. Camping anyone?


Only one rule: there must be s’mores, a lot of s’mores.

3. Start a food fight.

hook food fight

Hook-style. And if you don’t know that reference, maybe take a summer day dedicated to Robin Williams movies, starting with Hook. You will not be disappointed.

4. Slip n slide!!

19631654358_7de87833b4_o (1)

Water-fueled sliding apparatus’ are essential to summer. Even if it usually ends with somebody hurt….

5. Tie-dye everything.


Ensure back to school shopping by ruining your clothes.

6. Watch a thunderstorm.

rainy street

Enjoy the rain. See if you can get a cool picture or time-lapse of lightning!

7. Jump off the high dive at the local pool.

high dive

It’s only scary the first time!

8. Play chess.


Or if you don’t know how to play, then take a day to learn. Then play a chess game at the park!

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