5 Tips To Make Storage Work For You

With the move toward February there is a lot of emotions in the air. Mainly because of Valentine’s day, but it also signifies a true moving on of the year. Last weekend was the Super Bowl and now we are on a slow glide through the tail end of the winter season. If you’ve been outside, however, you will have noticed that the temperature has been warmer, making it seem like spring.


This is all a different story for a different day. Today we want to focus on the top five things you can do to have a better moving experience. Here they are:


  1. Find The Closest Location To You: A-Family has over 17 locations in Tucson and can accommodate your storage needs with the closest facility near you.
  2. Plan Everything: We always mention this, but that is because it is the single most important step in the storage process. When moving, having a plan will allow you to make the best decisions concerning your move.
  3. Use Perks: A-family offers a free moving truck to our customers. By taking advantage of this service, you can make your moving process go smoothly.
  4. Packing Supplies: We ran a blog about the importance of packing supplies and how much of a difference they can make. We offer a variety of packing supplies in our store and can help you choose which ones will make your storage experience best
  5. Don’t wait Until The Last Minute: This goes with planning, but having a clear cut idea as to how you are going to store your belongings will make way for understanding what size storage unit it you will need well ahead of time.


By following these simple steps, you will be on your way to ensuring a great moving experience. And remember: storage doesn’t have to be just for people who are moving. A unit can do wonders for organization and space enhancement. There is always storage for every need.


Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl

This weekend brings the time-honored tradition of the Super Bowl party. Each year people gather around at one location to watch the biggest televised sporting event in America. The Super Bowl party has become sort of a national holiday and making sure a Super Bowl party goes off without a hitch is something on the minds of hosts everywhere. By following this simple list, you can be sure your Super Bowl party will be the event of the year.


  1. Closet space is king: People are going to have jackets and shoes and other clothing items, so make sure there is ample closet space for your guests.
  2. Set-up a table just for food: You aren’t going to want your living room overcrowded with food trays. Clear off a table in a separate room and place your food there buffet style.
  3. Start Early: Like thanksgiving, the superbowl is a big food event. Don’t stress out by waiting until the last minute. If you can make dips and other snacks the night before, do so.
  4. Seating: Depending on how many people you have at your house, you might want to rearrange the seating so people can see the game and interact with each other as well.
  5. Potluck: For the Super Bowl it is always the more the merrier. By having people bring additional food items, you will be able to spend less time preparing foods and more time getting your house ready for the company.


Regardless of who you are hoping wins, a good Super Bowl party is a good Superbowl party. By following these five simple tips, your Super Bowl party will be a fun time for everyone, yourself included.