5 Tips for Your Garage

Following our trend from last week, we are bringing the latest in our spring-cleaning series. Last week we tackled going through your bedrooms and decluttering that space and this week we have a much bigger project in mind. Oftentimes, closets and garages gather up a lot of unused or unwanted things. That extra space lends itself well to a set it and forget it mentality. With spring-cleaning we thought we would give a rundown on how to approach these two areas with these 5 easy tips. Check em’ out.


Clearing Out The Garage or Home Storage Spaces:


  1. Examine The Area: With that first glance, try to make a mental map of what is there and when the last time you used it was. Once you have this information, you will be able to discern what things are staying and what things are going.
  2. Pick A Spot and Go: It’s important to not get overwhelmed with your garage size, or the extra storage space you are cleaning out. Do the area in small increments to avoid this burden. Find that first doable spot and get right to it without moving on to the next before it’s done.
  3. Organize: While you’re going through, review the mental map you made. If you come across and old, let’s say, CD player you haven’t used in years ask yourself this simple question: “Do I really need this still?” if the answer is no, then put it in the throwing out pile (see last week’s blog post about pile making). You’re going to have to be a little brutal with your decision-making, but the benefits of a cleared up space will be tremendous.
  4. Donate: This is something we are going to mention often. Things that you don’t use or need anymore can have a second life. Rather than throw it out, consider, if you will, the possibility that item might have on someone else. Sure, you aren’t using that CD player anymore, but someone might need that exact thing for his or her own enjoyments.
  5. Implement New Organization: What better time to further your organization than after a big clean? With the new space, you’ll be ready to implement some new shelving units or containers to keep your stuff in line for a more organized garage or storage space.


And there you have it. These 5 easy to follow tips will help you on your way to a more organized home space. Keep in mind there are always things you can do to make this process easier. These tips cover the broad strokes, but you also know what kind of process works best with you. Feel free to mix and match these tips with your own cleaning philosophies to ensure the best experience possible. Check back next week for the next installment.



Street Fair

This weekend marks the start of the weekend long street fair and we are excited about it. The street fair is a bi-annual event that takes the downtown area by storm and we love the variety of things you can see just by walking up and down the street. With the events happening this weekend, we thought we’d give you a run-down of the three most important things to keep in mind.


  1. Buying: Typically the vendors accept cash, but not everyone wants to carry all of their cash on them for things they might buy. If you fall under this category, keep in mind that there are ATMs scattered throughout the event that you can take advantage of should you find something that you absolutely need to take home
  2. Weather: Today is going to be a little cloudy for the most part, but Saturday and Sunday are going to be clear with a temperature in the low to mid eighties. This is perfect weather for being outside and taking in all that the street fair has to offer.
  3. Enjoy yourself: The street fair only comes around twice a year and it is always a great time in the community. Make sure to give yourself a lot of time to really take in all that is happening, and maybe even check out a few events you normally wouldn’t have considered. It’s always the right time to try something new.

Tucson Street Car

It’s finally here. The Tucson Street car has opened, and people are lining up to enjoy their first rides on the first day. There has been a lot of discussion taking place these last few months, but there is a resolution, today, to the ten-year struggle to modernize Tucson’s downtown. With this change comes some new concerns, but we are prepared to give as many tips as possible that are going to be very helpful.

Know Your Route: With anything new, it’s important to familiarize yourself with how the thing works. If you want to ride the new street car, be sure to know which cars are going where, what time, and what stops get made along the way. When you know the plan, it becomes easier to execute. This is a simple thing, but knowledge is power and soon enough you’ll be riding the new streetcar like a professional.

Be aware of your surroundings: For driving with the new streetcar, it’s important to become even more aware of your surroundings. Traffic should not get too disrupted by the presence of the streetcar, but you’ll want to be aware of parking and pulling out of certain spots. Routine is a hard thing to break, but reaffirming the need to check your surroundings will keep you, and your car, safe.

Watch out for the tracks: For the cyclists in the area, streetcar tracks can be a fickle thing. When biking, watch out for the tracks. The simplest slip-up can result in your wheel getting stuck and you on the ground. When crossing over the tracks, the best way to go about it is to turn over it so your wheel and the track run perpendicular. This is a simple tip, but it is a life saver for crossing tracks, just be sure to look out for oncoming traffic before you turn.

And that’s it for the tips. We hope you are all enjoying the streetcar, and all that this modern convenience has to offer. This is a big step to a more modern downtown, and makes this great city even greater. As always, check back with us next week for the latest tip. Have a great weekend.