Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is tomorrow and with it comes a large celebration that we here in Tucson are very familiar with. A lot of people have parties and what not, and this happens all across America, but what is the reason why we celebrate? Well, we decided to look more into the holiday and found some interesting fact that you may or may not have known about Cinco De Mayo.

For starters, the often mistake made is that Cinco De Mayo is a celebration for Mexico’s independence. It is not. That holiday is a very huge celebration that takes place in September. Cinco De Mayo is to commemorate the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French. It often gets misconstrued as the independence day, partially because it was such a monumental battle, but it is a completely different event altogether.

Still, there is a big celebration every year by both Mexicans and Americans and it has become somewhat of a big party holiday in the way that the 4th of July has become a big BBQ holiday. Since Tucson is so close to Mexico, the celebrations are oftentimes elaborate and festive, making it a great time of the year to be in Tucson. But we Don’t have to tell you that.

So for tomorrow, be sure to have fun and be safe, all while thinking about that unlikely victory at the battle of Puebla. Most importantly, be sure to stay safe out there. Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone.

You and Your Yard Sale

It’s week three and we’re talking Yard Sales. Yes, yard sales. A simple enough concept, but how you put your yard sale on really matters. There are many benefits to putting on a yard sale, ones that bring a unique attribute to any move, but the main reason for having one is to get some money for belongings that are taking up too much space. We decided, then, to drop some useful tips on how to make your yard sale the most successful one on the block.


Three Tips For A Successful Yard Sale:


  1. Organization will lead to purchases: We’ve all seen the yard sale on the street that has everything lumped around. Most people don’t want to rummage through a bunch of stuff on the off-chance that they will find exactly what they are looking for. By organizing your areas ( we recommend using collapsible tables) in a similar way to a retail store, people coming through can browse much easier thus increasing the chance of more purchases.
  2. Know what you have: If we are being honest, don’t put out things that are broken. If you want to make some money, the working stuff that are complete will fetch a far better sum than the broken stuff you charge for fifty cents. Make sure things are as complete as possible before you put them out.
  3. Do a group Yard Sale: Yes, a group yard sale might sound tedious, but by having a greater variety of things available, you are bound to attract far more people than if you had done it solo. Make sure each group joining in to the yard sale knows how to identify what they are putting out. We suggest using color-coding for various items (Example: You label your stuff with blue tags, I would do yellow, while Tim and Sara from across the street do red).


It isn’t an exact science, having a successful yard sale, but the better presentation will always win in my book. It all comes down to foot traffic so if you pick a good day and follow these tips, you can maximize the potential of your yard sale. We really like yard sales for the simplicity of it and, with a little extra work, there can be a great pay-off with your moving and storage finances and the organization of your house.

5 tips On Spring Cleaning With A-Family

Spring is on its way and that means spring-cleaning. To ensure everyone has an effective and proficient spring-cleaning, we thought we would give you some information about our storage facilities. We all know that knowledge is power, and the more information you have, the better your spring-cleaning and storage will go.


5 ways A Family will help you get organized:


  1. Lots of units: No matter what size you need, we’ve got it. For those of you worried about taking out too much space, we’ve got smaller units that will have you covered. For those worried about not enough space, we have large units that can hold everything you want. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is choose what works best for you.
  2. Storage Supplies on site: For those in need of additional packing material, we have plenty of things available at each location to ensure the easiest move for you.
  3. Moving Truck: If you have need for a moving truck to alleviate some of the moving stress, we offer one to our renters. This offer is only at select locations, and has a fee of five dollars, so be sure to ask an attendant at your closest facility.
  4. Hobby Units: In addition to multiple storage unit sizes, we offer hobby units. If you got a room getting taken over by your passion projects, consider cleaning it out and relocating into a hobby unit. You’ll have everything you need and more to pursue the latest craft or hobby.
  5. Live-in Managers: We have live-in managers that are able to keep an eye on the entire facility


There are many reasons why A-family is the best option for your spring cleaning storage needs, or any year round need for that matter. Take a look here and then at our website to see how A-family can make moving and storage easier for you.



A Move For All Seasons

Tips, you say? We’ve got tips. Tips for all seasons, but more importantly, we have a few choice storage tips that can help you put some of your prized belongings into storage.

Living in Tucson during the monsoon season has its pros and cons. After the surge of dry, sweltering heat, the monsoon season comes to us with a nice cool down with the rain. This then comes with the occasional flash flood, blocked up streets, etc. You take the good with the bad though, and it is a season that has its own unique Tucson flair. What does this have to do with storage? Well, if you have ever tried to move something into storage during this season, you know that a few problems arise. We figured we’d give a few tips to make a move in a surprise storm go by smoothly.

Monsoon Moving:

Tarps: If you’re putting your things into storage during this season, it is always wise to bring a tarp with you. Tarps do a good job at being make shift rain coats for your belongings when you are moving something in, or out, of your unit.  They can also be a good cover for your things if you are putting them into the bed of a truck. It’s always beneficial to keep one with you when you’re moving, since there is always a chance of a quick rainstorm during the monsoon season.

If things do get wet, hold off on storing it: In the case of one of your items getting wet on the way over to the storage facility, you might want to hold off putting it into storage right away. With the Tucson heat, and the darkness of the storage unit, placing something that is damp into the unit could create an environment in which mold can prosper. If you have an item, or two that happens to get wet on the way over, wait until it dries before putting it into your unit.

Plan ahead: Having a good plan can often times be the make or break when it comes to avoiding unsavory conditions. During the monsoon months, checking the weather reports and figuring out when the chance of rain is highest, will lend itself well to avoiding some down pouring. When you know when the rain is predicted to come, you can create a schedule that will best help you avoid any wet weather.

These three tips will make a big difference in your rainy day storing trips. We hope you find these tips useful, and that your belongings will make their way to their destination with as little moisture as possible. Check back with us next week for more goings-on, tips, and tricks for Tucson.


Tucson Fourth Of July

There are some great Fourth of July events taking place in Tucson this weekend that the more town savvy folk probably already know about. For those of you that might not know, we figured we would kick off our first blog by putting the word out on these great Fourth of July events taking place in Tucson.

The Fourth In Tucson:

At the Tucson Botanical Gardens, there will be a BBQ event. The BBQ will be from 4-7 p.m. There will be hot dogs, hamburgers  and beverages, all at a great low price, so be sure to check this out and enjoy one of the best gems Tucson has to offer.

The Tucson Golf and Spa, will be hosting a Fireworks Extravaganza. There will be tons of activities for the kids, food trucks for all your food needs, and a firework display starting at 8:45 p.m. This event is shaping up to be an all inclusive good time.

And last, but not least, there is the annual A-Mountain firework display. This is one of the great sights to see in Tucson on the fourth. There’s nothing like seeing the fireworks displayed here lighting up our beautiful skyline. There are several activities taking place at the convention center before the display, so be sure to get there early to take advantage of all the great events taking place. Fireworks will start at 9:15 p.m.

In Tucson, there is always something going on, and for those that cherish these great local events, they are some of the best times to be had. If you decide to forgo the holiday commute, we look forward to seeing you at one of these events enjoying our city and all the great things therein. Happy Fourth of July.