March Madness

If you’re like us, then you have been paying attention to how the Wildcats are doing in this year’s March Madness basketball playoffs. And, if you have been watching, you know that, as of last night, the Wildcats have made it to the elite eight, once again playing against Wisconsin.


Last year, Wisconsin beat U of A at this exact same position, and the folks downtown did not take too kindly to that fact. We are hoping that this weekend is different and that the Wildcats move past Wisconsin and, hopefully, all the way to the top of the charts.


We would also hope that (knock on wood) if they lose, people will not do what they did last year and cause a ruckus downtown. For the following week, our city was all over the news, but not for any good reasons. We all love Basketball and were upset that the team lost, but there are better ways to mourn. It’s a moot point anyway, because the Wildcats are going to beat Wisconsin.


So, for those of you getting ready to spend your weekend by watching the Basketball team, we hope you have a safe time and enjoy yourself responsibly. Next week we are going to have some great tips to share with you and we hope to see you back here.


Have a good weekend and Bear Down.


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