Street Fair and Parade Of Lights

Next weekend marks the annual Tucson parade of lights festival, a great event that brings a little holiday cheer to the whole area. We don’t get snow, so a lot of that holiday iconography gets lost. The Tucson parade of lights allows the community to rally around a holiday event in spectacular fashion. We are excited to announce our presence during this festival. We’ll have our truck and mascot representing Tucson’s best self-storage company. Come on down and enjoy a great holiday activity.

But that is next weekend and this weekend has a great event that is always a pleasure. If many of you have gone down 4th Ave as of last night, you have probably noticed all the vendor tents going up for this weekend’s street fair. This is an exciting time since the winter street fair helps bring in some of the holiday feelings with its festive nature.

Taking place on 4th avenue over the course of the weekend, the winter street fair will allow you to go through and experience the many local vendors shopping out their wares. It is a fun time to see what is out there, and there are tons of activities to partake in. If you go, expect to be in the company of over 30,000 people all there to enjoy this great event. Most of the vendors will be cash only, but don’t fret; there will be ATMs stationed throughout the fairs length.

Supporting these community wide events is important since it helps give Tucson the community identity we are famous for. They are also just a plain old good time. Be sure to check out the street fair as well as next weekend’s parade of lights. We hope to see you there.

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