Packing Supplies

Sometimes storage can be a problem, but knowing how to pack and store your belongings can eliminate all the stressful situations that usually come with the process. When creating a plan, it can sometimes be beneficial to know what kind of storage supplies you need that will make the process that much simpler. For this week, we thought we would give a run down on some of the moving and storage items that can be of great use when moving and storing your belongings. Check them out below:

Moving and Storage Accessories:


  • Bubble Wrap: By implementing bubble wrap it into your packing methods; you will be able to fortify the more fragile aspects of your belongings. It’s a good way to keep sides of furniture from getting banged up, but also a great way to protect your glass valuables.
  • Blankets: There isn’t as much versatility when compared to bubble wrap, but having blankets in your storage plan is always a positive. Using blankets helps keep your bigger items covered, scratch-protects your wood furniture, and can also provide a strong hold on larger, glass items. Blankets are always a great way to go.
  • Tape: This may seem obvious, but tape has the most versatility out of all packing materials. It can be used to fasten bubble wrap to surfaces, wrap up blankets for extra security, and many other things. The point is, if you are moving and storing your belongings, having some extra tape on hand is always a good decision.
  • Dolly: A dolly can be a lifesaver. Well, a back saver. By having one of these at your disposal you will be able to lift and move heavy items with ease, or move multiple smaller items in one go. The dolly is truly one of the best items you can have when moving and storing.
  • Straps: Adjustable straps can keep your boxes from moving around on you. In transit, having straps can help keep your belongings from moving around. They can also help keep your storage unit safe and organized.

These are just some of the materials you can have on hand for your moving and storage efforts. There are always small ways you can innovate a moving and storage plan, but by having these five items at your disposal, you will be able to eliminate most of your moving and storage stress. And don’t forget, we do sell packing supplies at each of our locations.


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