Second Saturdays

This weekend brings us to Homecoming weekend. That means a whole lot of raucous activities that are both family friendly or skewed to those of us who are older. Either way, there is going to be a lot going on this weekend.

If you’re looking for something a little more family friendly, there are a lot of things going on in the downtown area for Second Saturdays. Sure, the U of A game is happening this weekend, but there are still plenty of things to check out all day Saturday. Here are a few of them.

Second Saturdays:

Scott Avenue—just south of congress—is the main stage. There you will be able to find music and dance performances that are guaranteed to be a delight. When you have a variety of events to take in, it is sometimes best to sit back and watch some great performances.

There is going to be a free concert on the roof of Pennington Street Garage. There is nothing more scenic or fun than a rooftop performance, especially one that is free.

At 5:30 there is going to be a screening of a family friendly movie at the historic train depot. No word yet as to what it is, but if you are out with the kids it will be worth stopping by.

La Placita Village is going to have a variety of musical acts ranging from hip-hop to jazz. This is going to be fun for the cultural aspects and will be sure to provide you with some interesting discussion points later on in the week.

With all these main events taking place, there will also be a lot of street vendors and performers vying for your attention. This is the beauty of Second Saturdays in Tucson. This is definitely one of the weekends where you won’t sit inside thinking, “ I wish there was something to do.”



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