Halloween Safety Tips

This Halloween is that rare time when a great holiday lands on the weekend and there is no early rise the next day. Kids get to Trick or treat, and the parents get to live vicariously through them. For this Halloween, we thought it best to give our readers some tips on how to stay safe for any activities going on tonight.

Halloween Safety Tips:


Stay illuminated: This is an important one. Not only is it important for you to be able to see where you are going, it is equally important for other people to see you. Some people might be worried about messing up their Halloween costumes, but there are many ways around that. A lot of convenience stores sell Halloween themed necklaces that will light up when you push a button. Having one of these can add a festive illumination to your ensemble. Also making a plastic jack-o-lantern bucket a light source by putting a flashlight in it is another way of making your illumination festive.


Go In a group: Going in a group will make Halloween night much more fun, but it also adds more layers to safety. When in a group, it lessens the possibilities for any ill-favored occurrences (there is safety in numbers). Going in a group also makes you much more visible. If each member of your party is well illuminated (see tips above) that creates an environment for high visibility. Plus, going with a big group of friends can make the night much more memorable.


Check the Candy: Whenever you are dealing with a situation in which people are handing out free edibles, it is always a wise choice to inspect all candy items for wrapper imperfections. This means that anything that is opened or seems tampered with has got to go.


These are some of the basics, but by following these tips you can ensure that your Halloween night is going to be as safe as can be. We hope you stay safe and have a happy Halloween this year.









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