A Weekend In Tucson

There are lots of things going on around the Tucson area this weekend and we are all excited about it. We know there is only just a week left until Halloween, and that some of you are looking forward to the big office party or costume contest, but we are living in the now, people. This weekend is upon us and we are excited about what is coming up.


Starting at 7pm (gates at 5) on Saturday is a big race at the Tucson Speedway at the Pima county fairgrounds. Who doesn’t love watching a good ol’ car race? There are going to be races for Late models, Pro stocks, Hornets, Legends, and Bandeleros. This is all going to be exciting, and a long event that will fill your Saturday night with plenty to do and see.

Also, we are approaching at penultimate weekend for the Arizona state fair. This is taking place closer to Phoenix, but spending the day going out and having some fun is worth it. Especially if you get there before 2pm since the cost of admission is only $2.00. This is a weekend long event.

With all these events taking place, you’d be hard pressed to find a reason to stay in. We know that Halloween is going to be a big bang of a weekend starter, but that’s next week. Take the time to head out and enjoy some of the great events happening this weekend and make this the best October yet.


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