Quick Tips For Storage

Last night saw the Wildcats get their fifth consecutive victory, as well as their second conference victory. It was an exciting game, and had a close finish. This season has had a lot of moments like that for the Wildcats, and we hope this streak keeps going so that the team has their best run in years.

But now for the good stuff: Storage. Last week we ran an article about the diversity we are starting to see in the use of our units, but today we want to bring it back to the basics. What is the best way to pack a traditional storage unit? This is a question we are happy to address.

Quick Tips For Storage:


  • Pack things according to room: When you are putting things into storage, make sure to go through each room and pack for that room. This way, each box will have a place when it is pulled out of storage.
  • Color Coding: Another thing to help keep your storage unit organized is to color code the rooms. This way, you can see the room through color and that will allow you to locate things in a much more efficient way.
  • Organize your unit by place: Once you have boxes packed by rooms and a color-coded label system, fill your storage unit up with a strategic organization plan in mind. Make sure you can see each label from the opening. Also, pack the unit so you can access everything easily. This will make getting things out of storage much easier and it will take up a lot less time to do so.

These are quick tips that cover the primary basics in self-storage. When you are creating a packing plan, there are many things you can do that will make the storage experience better, but we guarantee that these three tips will be the fundamental pillars seen in any efficient storage plan. We hope this helps you create a great plan for storage, and we hope that it makes your moving and storage experience less stressful. As always, we hope you have a great weekend.

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