Tucson Street Car

It’s finally here. The Tucson Street car has opened, and people are lining up to enjoy their first rides on the first day. There has been a lot of discussion taking place these last few months, but there is a resolution, today, to the ten-year struggle to modernize Tucson’s downtown. With this change comes some new concerns, but we are prepared to give as many tips as possible that are going to be very helpful.

Know Your Route: With anything new, it’s important to familiarize yourself with how the thing works. If you want to ride the new street car, be sure to know which cars are going where, what time, and what stops get made along the way. When you know the plan, it becomes easier to execute. This is a simple thing, but knowledge is power and soon enough you’ll be riding the new streetcar like a professional.

Be aware of your surroundings: For driving with the new streetcar, it’s important to become even more aware of your surroundings. Traffic should not get too disrupted by the presence of the streetcar, but you’ll want to be aware of parking and pulling out of certain spots. Routine is a hard thing to break, but reaffirming the need to check your surroundings will keep you, and your car, safe.

Watch out for the tracks: For the cyclists in the area, streetcar tracks can be a fickle thing. When biking, watch out for the tracks. The simplest slip-up can result in your wheel getting stuck and you on the ground. When crossing over the tracks, the best way to go about it is to turn over it so your wheel and the track run perpendicular. This is a simple tip, but it is a life saver for crossing tracks, just be sure to look out for oncoming traffic before you turn.

And that’s it for the tips. We hope you are all enjoying the streetcar, and all that this modern convenience has to offer. This is a big step to a more modern downtown, and makes this great city even greater. As always, check back with us next week for the latest tip. Have a great weekend.

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